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Water Chillers

Water Chillers
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A water chiller is an industrial water refrigeration system that produces cold waterto cool industrial process equipment. a water chiller is a complete systemfilled with refrigeration components including a compressor, condenser,evaporator, refrigerant pipes, coolant expansion reservoir, pumps and so on.Water is cooled to temperatures ranging anywhere between 6 deg. C to 25deg. Cand pumped via a hydraulic circuit to re-circulate through the processequipment.

Watercooled sophisticated equipment has special needs beyond mere cool water.Sensitive equipment requires year round operation, precise temperatureregulated water flow and lean circulating loop features, all of which are onlyavailable with equipment matched factory tested dedicated chillers.

Forselecting a reliable process coolingsystems for your process equipment, look for packaged chiller which isfactory tested, piped, charged and wired. This will ease your effort and saveyour time in installing and operating the chiller. Use of a dedicated chilleris more efficient. Cooling requirements can be met during low outsidetemperatures without the expense of operating large facility chillers.

WernerFinley provides complete range of IndustrialWater Chillers that are dedicated, packages, cooling capacity matched,temperature and water flow matched, that operate year round for a variety ofwater cooled industrial and medical equipment.

Theadvantages of Werner Finley dedicated chillers include:
  • Precise temperature control under continuous regulated supply of cooling fluid

  • Factory tested , piped, wired and charged for hassle free start-up and operation

  • Local services and parts for quick and knowledgeable maintenance and service
WernerFinley's broad product line gives us the unique ability to create a 'tailoredsolution systems to process ' each time that will meet your needs precisely andefficiently.

We are experts in manufacturingand supplying water chillers, chillers and water coolers of a broad variety of models and capacities. Thewater chillers come integrated with an insulated SS water reservoir,re-circulating pump and electrical control panel. We also offer water chillerswith and microprocessor based control. These water chillers and chilling plantsare designed aesthetically, and are installed by using a spanner andscrewdriver.


From precise analytical equipment to machinery on theshop floor, from sensitive medical diagnostic systems to process equipment,they all have unique needs fro fluid cooling . No matter what the applicationis, Werner Finley has the expertise and technology to meet your dedicated chillerneeds.

  • Induction hardening, heating, welding

  • EDM: wire cut, spark erosion

  • X-ray diffraction and florescence spectrometer

  • Fluid cooling for machine tools

  • Component quenching

  • Plastic injection molding and extrusion

  • Pressure die casting

  • Hydraulic oil cooling

  • Condenser cooling

  • Metal working and plating

  • Water jacket cooling

  • Plasma spray

  • Liquid nitrogen plant

  • Vacuum systems and evaporators

  • Electro-chemical de-burring machine

  • Industrial washing machines

  • Laboratory applications
Medical Applications:
  • MRI

  • CT

  • PET

  • Linear Accelerators

  • CGR and RDS cyclotron

  • GAs Chromatograph

  • Cryogenic compressors

  • Other sensitive medical systems

Werner Finley chillers are designed to coolcritical industrial process equipment and sensitive medical equipment, meetingor exceeding all manufacturers’ specifications. Werner Finley chillers arespecifically matched to the application to provide proper temperature and flowrate for a variety of critical applications. These dedicated chillers aretested at the factory to ensure proper operation and are supported by factorytrained experts with immediate access to common spare parts. In addition, thechiller is easy to install requiring only proper piping and power supplyconnections fro proper operation.

Operational features include:
  • Year round operation. allows your equipment to run continuously with controlled desired temperature and flow rate

  • Range of capacities, temperatures and flow rates

  • Meets the varied needs of coolingcapacities from 0.5 TR to 40 TR

  • Operational water temperaturerange of 6 deg. C to 25 deg. C

  • Operational flow rate rangingfrom 5 LPM/ TR to 20 LPM/TR
  • Non ferrous circulating loop for cleanliness: Delivers a clean supply of water that will not disrupt sensitive equipment.

  • Precision Temperature control: Large volume of storage water ensues high thermal stability during the resting period of the compressor and also lessens compressor cycling.

  • Factory packaged and testing systems: Wired, Charged and piped. Tested for operation and cooling performance before installation.
Optional Features:
  • Micro processor based chiller controller

  • Rs 232/485 communication fro inter locking chiller controller with main machine controller

  • Refrigerant gauges; For continuously monitoring and display of suction and discharge refrigerant pressures.

  • Reservoir heater: Helps maintain constant fluid reservoir temperature during winter months. Also allows user to set higher fluid temperature fro specific applications that require heating and cooling options.

  • Optional monitoring systems; Installations where chiller is remotely placed from the operator a display monitor with temperature, status and alarm signals can be provided and located in the view of the operator.

  • Circuit breaker heat exchanger: An additional plate type heat exchanger can be provided and pre connected to the chiller wherever a circuit breaker (secondary heat exchanger) is required.

  • An optional hot gas by pass, which balances varying heat loads and provides precise control in the chiller, can be provided. This new feature significantly reduces start up time fro chiller applications and offer better reaction to varying loads. The hot gas by pass will automatically adjust as the load changes. It minimize compressor cycling, which will help reduce temperature swings and lessen component wear in the compressor.

  • Filters; Online filters with specific micron levels can be assembled in the fluid line wherever additional filtration is required.

  • Optional fan speed controller allows operation of chiller at ambient below 5°C up to - 15°C
Other accessories available:
  • Low flow switch

  • Chiller inlet water temperatureindicator

  • Flow meter

  • Pressure relief Valve

  • Check valve

  • Non return Valve

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