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Panel Air Conditioners

Panel Air Conditioners
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Since 1986, Werner Finley has demonstrated leadership in Industrial Panel Air Conditioner solutions for enclosed electronics. Our broad portfolio of models and variants are designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility to exacting standards. We serve national and international customer base in industries ranging from machine tools to telecommunications to robotics and medical devices to food processing.

Industrial Applications:
  • Machine Tool

  • Laser Machine

  • Electric discharge machine

  • Plastic injection molding and extrusion

  • Vacuum systems

  • Power Supplies/Transformers

  • Any other industrial applications where sensitive electrical/electronic enclosures require air conditioning
Tele communications:
  • Telecom infrastructure electronic enclosures

  • Battery enclosures

  • Pre-fab panel enclosures

Server rack enclosure
Food processing machinery
Textile machinery
Furnace control panels
Gas manufacturing plants
Medical equipment


Panel air conditioners are designed to cool and condition sensitive electronic enclosures for various applications meeting or exceeding all manufacturers’ expectations. Werner Finley Panel AC are universal in terms of its adaptability owing to a portfolio of models that has emerged as a result of rich and long experience in the field of thermal engineering. These industrial air conditioners are designed, manufactured and testes at the factory and at sophisticated 3rd party laboratory to ensure efficient operation and customer satisfaction. These air conditioners are easy to install and are supported with factory trained experts with immediate access to common spare parts.

The units feature a rugged design durable for inside and outside applications. Built in quality along Werner Finley's leadership role in after sales support, make the panel air conditioners a logical choice forth specific cooling of sensitive electronic/electrical enclosures.

Operational features include:
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator

  • Function of abnormality output:High temperature alarm

  • Eco friendly refrigerant R134a on all side mount model

  • Maintenance is made easy by allowing service accessibility from front cover

  • Aesthetically appealing appearance by use of laser cutting for fabrication and high density dust filters

  • High performance fans and blowers are ideal for densely packed enclosures

  • Non corrosive SS base and drain tray to ensure there is no corrosion

  • Mounting hardware, gaskets, drawings, mounting templates and instruction manuals

  • Mounting flanges, PVC flexible bellow hose, hose clamps and drain tray/can with hose connect models

  • Easy mount locators simplifies installation to a two step, one person job.

  • Tamper proof setting in temperature controller through setting and key pad lock facility
Optional Features:
  • Integrated heater for low ambient installations

  • Special grade aluminum construction for hazardous outdoor installations

  • Special voltage and frequency package

  • Open loop design package

  • Custom design t suit existing cutout

  • Door limit-switch interlock

  • Fan cycling for low ambient installations

  • High and low pressure cutouts for compressor safety

  • Charging and purging valves

  • Hot gas bypass for precise temperature control

  • Low temperature alarm and others

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