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Hydraulic Oil Chillers

Hydraulic Oil Chillers
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Sophisticated multi tasking machines of today employ numerous hydraulic operations to achieve high productivity at desired quality levels. Hydraulic systems in turn employ special and specific oil with a wide viscosity range. These hydraulic oils stores heat during its operation and the continuous addition of heat reduces the viscosity of these oils. As the oil thins down, the hydraulic system starts to malfunction due to internal leaks. Therefore it becomes essential to maintain specified temperature limits for this oil during operation. A hydraulic oil chiller is normally connected in parallel to the oil tank through a dedicated built in pump.

This industrial hydraulics Oil Chillers is complete systems fitted with refrigeration components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, refrigeration pipes, oil pump and electric panel. Chillers help maintain the oil temperature to precise temperature levels which in turn maintains uniform physical and chemical properties of the oil in operation. THIS LEVEL OF precise temperature control of fluids is not possible by any other method of cooling. Critical industrial hydraulics have special needs beyond mere cooling such as year round operation, precise temperature regulated and a lean circulating loop: which is only possible with equipment matched factory tested Industrial Oil Chiller.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Heavy duty Oil cooler

Our range of hydraulic oil chillers, oil coolers are available in configurations like, stand-alone, in which the oil re-circulating pump is integral with chiller and the immersion type, in which the evaporator (coil) is dipped directly in to the oil pump. In applications where direct oil cooling is not suggested, we suggest a double ckt chiller and cooler, where water acts as the secondary refrigerant.

Process oil is used in hydraulics, cutting, lubrication, broaching, honing, quenching, drilling, grinding etc., also aid as a cooling media. In other words, the heat is dissolute during the process when carried away by the circulating oil. Now this oil needs to be maintained at a certain temperature range to retain its physical and chemical properties.

  • Hydraulic power pack

  • Lubricating oil cooling

  • Any other oil with viscosities ranging between 20 to 100 CST


Direct Cooling:

Applications demanding cooling capacity below 30,000 Kcal/hr can be installed with a direct oil chiller, where the hydraulic oil from the tank will be drawn by the pump installed in the cooling system and the oil will be cooled to the desired level and re-circulated back into the tank. This system can be used on hydraulic power packs which do not come with a standard fitment water to oil heat exchanger, therefore making t very popular in the retrofit market

In-direct Cooling:

Applications demanding cooling capacity more than 30,000 Kcal/hr cannot be installed with a direct oil chiller due to various design related reasons. Therefore, the in-direct type comes in handy for such applications. The in-direct chiller is a package complete with a process water chiller, plate heat exchanger and oil pump. The oil pump will draw oil from the hydraulic oil tank and re-circulate the same on one side of the plate heat exchanger. On the other side of the plate heat exchanger, the process water chiller will re-circulate chilled water at a lower temperature than the required oil temperature. The microprocessor based temperature controller will sense the oil temperature at the inlet to the plate heat exchanger and regulate the chilled water flow in order to maintain a constant and healthy oil temperature.


Operational features:
  • Year round operation/ allows equipment to run continuously due to controlled oil temperature

  • Meets the varied needs of cooling capacities from 0.5 TR to 40 TR

  • Oil temperature can be maintained between 25 deg. C to 40 deg. C

  • High efficiency plate heat exchangers assures energy efficient operations as well as precise cooling.

  • Rugged design: The system cabinet and components are rugged enough for continuous and reliable industrial operation.

  • Micro processor based digital temperature controllers ensures tamper proof and precise operation

  • High efficiency gear pumps for reliable and continuous operation Compressor, fan and pump are independently electrically operated.

  • Factory packaged and tested systems/wired, charged and piped. Tested for operation and cooling performance before installation.
Operational features:
  • Microprocessor based chiller controller

  • RS 232/485 communication ports fro inter locking chiller controller with the main machine controller

  • Refrigerant gauges- for continuously monitoring and display of suction and discharge refrigerant pressures

  • Filters-online ilters with specific micron levels can be assembled in the fluid line wherever oil requires fine filtration.

  • Indirect oil cooling by installing a water chiller and a circuit breaker heat exchanger can be chosen wherever circuit breaking is desired for reasons like maintenance wherever oil temperature requirement above 4 deg. C and wherever installed cooling capacity goes above 30,000 kcal/hr

  • Cooling and heating options can be incorporated in the same package for special test rigs and regions of installations where ambient temperatures are lower than 20° C
Other accessories available:
  • Hot gas bypass

  • Flow switch

  • Pressure relief valve

  • Solenoid valve

  • Additional interlocks apart from high temperature alarm

  • Audio/visual alarms signal

  • Hour meter

  • Remote control panel

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