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Glycol Chillers

Glycol Chillers
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We bring broad gamut ofglycol chillers &glycol air chillers for various applications and varying temperatures ranging from +6°C to -50°C. Our glycol chillers, glycol air chillers and air chillers are exceptional, compact and latest technology oriented. Owing to the optimum performing range, we have become most reliable manufacturer of industrial glycol air chillers in Bangalore.

The use of semi-hermetic compressors from KCL, Copeland, Bock, Bitzer have made our Industrial Glycol Chillers highly energy efficient. Further, the use of sophisticated two stage compressors with sub-cooler and related accessories have simplified the achievement of temperatures as low as -50 C. Our chillers, air chillers and glycol chillers can be integrated with insulated brine storage tank & re-circulating pump.

  • Chemical process plants

  • Anodizing / electroplating plants

  • Laboratory applications

  • Latex cooling
order to select the best chiller for low temperature application, specify the following details to enable us to recommend an optimum system
  • Required media temperature

  • Heat load

  • Air / water cooled condenser

  • Ambient temperature at site of installation

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