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Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems
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Werner Finley has demonstrated leadership in manufacturing Industrial cooling systems since its inception in 1986. With the existing range of products Werner Finley provides solutions for almost all Industrial Cooling requirements. Since 2004, Mobile Filtration System was added to provide complete coolant management solutions. today, we have become most trusted manufacturer of Hydro band Filtration system in India.

Filtration system

A treatment process for the separation of solid particles form a fluid solids, under the control of qualified operators, by passage of most of the fluid through a membrane that retains most of the solids on or within itself is called filtration. The membrane is called a filter medium, and the equipment assembly that holds the medium and provides space for the accumulated solids the medium and provides space for the accumulated solids is called a filter. The fluid may by gas or a liquid. The solid particles may be coarse or very fine. and their concentration in the suspension may be extremely low (a few parts per million ) or quit high (>50%).

The object of filtration may be to purify the fluid by clarification or to recover clean, fluid-free particles, or both in most filtrations the solids-fluid separation is not perfect in general. The closer the apparatus of the process cannot justify a more through separation than is required.

Advantages of Filtration system
  • Increased Tool Life

  • Improved Surface Finish of Components

  • Extending Coolant Life

  • Reduces Hazardous waste

  • Cleaner working environment

  • Reduces machine down time

  • Increased machine out put

  • Eliminates bad smell & microbial growth
Advantages of Filtration system

Liquid filters are of two major types, cake filters and clarifying filters. The former are so called because they separate slurries carrying relatively large amounts of solids. This Cake Filtration System is build up on the filter medium as a visible, removable cake which normally is discharged "dry" (that is as a moist mass,) frequently after being washed in the filter. It is on the surface of this cake that filtration takes place after the first layer is formed on the medium THe feed to cke filters normally contains at least 1% solids. Clarifying filters, on the other hand, normally receive suspensions containing less than 0.1% solids, which they remove by entrapment on or within the filter medium without any visible formation of cake. The solids are normally discharged by backwash or by being discarded with the medium when it is replaced.

Cake Filtration System Manufactured by WFPL
  • Rare earth Magnetic Coolant Separator

  • Gravity paper band Filtration System

  • Hydroband Filtration System
Clarifying Filtration System Manufactured by WFPL
  • Centrifuge Oil Cleaners

  • Fine Filtration system for Tool Grinding

  • Fume Extractors
Rare Earth Magnetic Coolant Separator

These Filters can be used with all types of Grinding machines such as Cylindrical, Center less, Internal, Surface, Double-disc & Roll-grinding machines. These can also be used for filtering honing oil of Honing machines.

Gravity Paperband Filtration system

Paper band cum Magnetic coolant Clarifier offer the excellent means of filtering both ferrous and nonferrous particles. Where high degree of purification is required and contaminates differ in form, size and composition. Paper band filtering system as rule gives best results. Paper band filters are recommended for.
  • Grinding

  • Honing

  • Machining center

  • Components Washing

  • Gun Drilling

  • Lapping
Hydroband Filtration system
  • Grinding

  • Lapping

  • Rolling

  • Honing

  • Milling

  • Wire Drawing

  • Components Washing
Centerifuge Oil Filters
  • Trucks & Buses

  • Marine Engines

  • Diesel Gen-Sets

  • Construction & Mining Equipment

  • Railway and Locomotive
Fine Filtration System
  • Tool Grinding

  • Wire EDM

  • Gun Drilling

  • High speed milling
Rare Earth Magnetic Coolant Separator
  • Field strength of 10000 gauss above

  • Removes particles less than 10 micron

  • Excellent efficiency even for separating materials having weak magnetic properties such as carbide and scales

  • Overall low maintenance
Gravity Paper band Filtration System
  • Highly efficient ways of filtration guarantee fine finish, dimensional accuracy, increased tool life

  • Keeps your machine clean and reduces costly machine down time for periodical cleaning.

  • Avoids bacterial growth and wastage of expensive coolants.
Hydroband Coolant systems
  • Works on the principle of Hydrostatic pressure and gravity.

  • It is fully automatic and practically no manpower is needed for operation.

  • Requires less floor space when compared to gravity band filter and other conventional filtration systems.

  • Can achieve desired filtration efficiency by using appropriate filter media

  • Consumes less power

  • Consumption of filter media is less , saves recurring expenses

  • This system can be used for individual machines and also for multiple machines by centralized filtration system

  • The selection for the above will be based on application, flow, etc.
Centrifuge Oil Filters:
  • Extends oil and engine life

  • Improved oil cleanliness

  • Minimizes wear and tear of engine Reduces down time

  • Removes paper by-pass filter permanently Increased contaminant holding capacity

  • No consumable cost

  • Minimize maintenance cost

  • Better for the environment
Fine Filtration System
  • Elimination of existing maintenance expenses (like filter media, cartridges,Precoated powder)

  • Reduces disposal cost

  • Extending Coolant life

  • Decrease production cycle time

  • Protect the environment and health

  • Filtration efficiency down to 1 microns

  • Provides continuous filtration and automatic backwashing

  • life of the filter candles approx. 14000 hrs (14-18 months)

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